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Brochures give an insight about your company to potential customers and help make a strong first impression. You can use them for promotions, events, new products and information, company information and various other purposes. Omni designs and prints custom-made brochures right from scratch; just give us an idea as to what you want and we will undertake the whole process from design to finish. Even if you have the design ready and just want to print it on high quality paper, Omni can do it for you. Contact Omni today!

Business Cards

A business card is of no use if it doesn’t make the receiver want to look at it again and again. Only if you create a powerful impression through a unique business card, will you be set apart from your competition. The design, color, logo as well as paper quality of a business card go a long way in making a lasting impression. Omni designers will give your logo and brand the punch you always wanted. If you already have an established design and merely want to re-print the cards in bulk, we can do that at affordable rates as well. Contact Omni today!

Catalogues and Manuals


If you want to have great catalogues for your products, you need crisp content, intriguing design as well as attractive layout to capture the reader’s attention. You can get your message across to your customers easily with Omni’s designing and printing services. The end-result catalogue will be in a format which will enable you to put the catalogues on your intranet, website or on a CD.


Whether it is a HR, User or Training manual, you need an effective and clear message to make it an interesting one. Letting Omni undertake the designing and layout of your manuals is a sure-shot way to the perfect solution for all your manual requirements. We work with you from start to finish ensuring that you have the manual in the quantity, color and time you want it. The end-result manual will be in a format which will enable you to use the catalogues on your intranet, website or on a CD.

Posters and Signs

Whether you want huge posters or smaller signs announcing your presence, in black and white or color, for indoors or outdoors, in plastic, vinyl or cloth: Omni is the solution to all your requirements. Custom-made posters and signs made by Omni will help you get the attention of your target market. Meet with us today to tell us your display requirements.

Presentation Materials

We help you get that business you’ve worked so hard for. With Omni’s customized presentation as well as other materials, you can finally make your point and close the deal. We can make a professionally impressive and dynamic presentation, complete with slides, pictures, color and words, which will help you sell your products and services. What’s more, we can even print material for you, which you can leave with your customers once you are finished with your presentation, so that your content remains with them. Empower your presentation with our support.

Advertising Specialty Items

Are you keen on advertising your products and services? Want to keep your brand on top of people’s mind with innovative concepts? Come to Omni and we will help you advertise effectively. When it comes to promotion, Omni helps you capture attention with various items with our brand or logo. Be it games, zip drives, calendars, pens, mugs, bags, t-shirts or other accessories, you can get your name printed on them for people to remember you. When they use these items, your company gets promoted! If you have an idea and want to put it to use, contact us for a price quote.


Apart from your business cards, you will need business stationery like envelopes, letterheads, forms etc. We offer you a complete package with great rates, so you can have impressive stationery promoting your professional image. Chose from a range of colors, paper quality and fonts to get your custom-made stationery printed from us.


Having that huge celebration or birthday party? Customized invitations for your occasion can be designed and printed by Omni. If you are running short of time, we have a set of ready-made templates/designs to send them out faster. We can also design invitations if you want a different design.

Flyers and Newsletters

Stylishly designed flyers and newsletters help capture the attention of you target audience. Get your flyers and newsletters designed and printed from us to make a solid impression amongst your readers. In addition to this, we can also take up the labeling and mailing of your flyers and newsletters to make sure that they are delivered on time. Contact us today to get more details.

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